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Welcome to our secondhand book search engine, your go-to platform for finding used books in the UK. Whether you’re looking for textbooks, antiquarian editions, rare gems, or out-of-print treasures, we’ve got you covered. With our powerful search functionality, you can effortlessly explore and purchase books online from thousands of UK book sellers. Save time and effort by bypassing the need to visit multiple websites individually. Our meta search engine streamlines the process, presenting you with a consolidated view of prices from the main UK marketplaces.

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At, we're dedicated to finding you the best possible prices for second-hand books online. We achieve this by aggregating and consolidating information from the top used book marketplaces. It's important to note that we do not directly sell books ourselves; our primary goal is to provide you with a comprehensive platform that compiles data from various book marketplaces, ensuring you have access to a wide range of options and competitive prices.

Which used book sellers do we include in our search?

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Abebooks UK

AbeBooks was founded in 1995 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Over the years, it expanded its reach and became a prominent platform for book lovers worldwide. In 2008, AbeBooks was acquired by Amazon.

AbeBooks has a significant presence in the UK and is a popular platform for buying and selling used books. Many independent booksellers based in the UK list their inventory on AbeBooks and since it specialises in hard-to-find and out-of-print books, it is a go-to platform for collectors and enthusiasts.

Shipping/Delivery on Abebooks:

Top Tip!

You can order search results on Abebooks by lowest total price (book price + shipping price), so that you can see the lowest price with shipping included.
The shipping price is displayed in the listing within “Shipping”.

Amazon UK

Amazon is the most well-known online shop that continues to offer a wide range of pre-owned books from marketplace sellers.

The condition of used books on Amazon is clearly marked (used- like new, used – very good, used-good, for example), and so you can compare condition, price, delivery time, etc, and weigh up which second-hand book is best for you to buy.

You may benefit from using Amazon’s familiar interface if you already have an account with them. And, if you like to combine shopping for other products with your book buying, then signing up to Free Shipping with Amazon Prime could save you big time on shipping costs.

But be aware, not all the books will be sent with Amazon Prime, even if you are a member. You will need to click on the Amazon Prime filter to see which items are available to be sent with Prime.
Some of the stores send items with Free Delivery anyway, outside of Prime.

The good thing is you can clearly see the shipping information in the main Amazon navigation.

Like with all these online marketplaces, you will need to check the seller’s shop page for their returns policies.

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alibris uk used books

Alibris UK

Alibris was founded in 1997 as a centralised marketplace that would enable small and independent booksellers to reach a broader audience.

Alibris experienced rapid growth and continues to expand its offerings and services. It has an advanced search and the Alibris Seller Rating System:

“Seller ratings reflect how often a seller provides accurate and available listings, fast shipping time, as well as feedback from customers who have purchased from that seller.”

This is a major advantage to shopping on Alibris, as the likes of Abebooks and Biblio don’t include customer feedback in their ratings, but rather just fulfilment scores.

Biblio UK

Biblio was founded in 2000, with the mission of connecting passionate book lovers with independent sellers and providing an alternative to mainstream online book retailers.

Biblio quite often has the lowest prices, since it does not add a markup to books sold on its platform. Biblio also states that this is because the costs for booksellers on Biblio are lower than any other major marketplace, thus allowing booksellers to pass savings over to customers.

Biblio is a particularly good platform for rare and collectible books, but equally a good platform for finding cheaper prices for newer publications, as there are also plenty of bookstores selling popular and newer second-hand books on there.

biblio uk used books

Their website claims that they place Customer Service first, and additionally they promote Sustainability and Ethical Practices, Community Engagement and aim to provide a Positive Workplace.

For these reasons, there is the feel-good factor to shopping on Biblio rather than Amazon!

Ebay UK

We have all heard of Ebay. But perhaps it wouldn’t be the first place that would come to mind when searching for used books.

However, buying used books on Ebay can be a great option for two reasons:

The site has lots of filtering options and a reliable seller feedback system.

Filter and Sort: Once you’ve entered your search query, you can use various filters and sorting options to narrow down the results. You can filter by condition (e.g., used, like new), format (hardcover, paperback), location (e.g., your country), and more. Sorting options include price, relevance, auction ending time, and others.

Check Seller Feedback: Ebay was one of the early pioneers of the customer feedback system.
Always review the book seller’s feedback and ratings. This will give you an idea of the seller’s reputation and whether previous buyers had positive experiences.

ebay uk used books
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